Pool Bylaws Document
Pool Rules Document


The following rules and regulations were prepared and adopted by the Olney Mill Swim Club’s (O.M.S.C.) Board of Directors (B.O.D.).  They are designed to assure the safe and sanitary operation of the pool facilities, and to promote the enjoyable recreation of Club members and their guests.  These rules and regulations are under the immediate supervision of the pool manager and will be enforced by persons designated by him/her.  The pool manager can suspend a member or guest for a period not to exceed 48 hours for violations of these rules.  Repeated violations of these rules are subject to disciplinary action by the B.O.D.  Final decisions on matters pertaining to interpretation of these rules and regulations shall be made by the B.O.D.  Owner- Members and parents should advise their guests and/or children of the need to observe and comply with these rules and regulations.

1. Pool Hours

(A) The pool schedule will be posted on the bulletin board at the pool and on the Club Website. The hours of operation for general membership will be posted and may be modified at the discretion of the pool manager and/or the B.O.D., for maintenance purposes, inclement weather, special functions, etc. The pool operating season will normally be Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, unless designated by the B.O.D.

(B) During storms, the pool will be closed and the entire area cleared of patrons at the discretion of the pool manager. Because cover is limited, patrons are encouraged to go home. Others must remain within the shelter of the bathhouse. The pool will normally open 30 minutes after the storm has passed.

(C) Any person using the pool facilities at a time other than that sanctioned by the B.O.D. is subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law.

2. Membership Identification

(A) Each member age 8 and over must have an official O.M.S.C., Inc. I.D key tag. The I.D. key tag shall be issued by the Membership Chairpersons.

(B) Each member age 8 and over must scan their I.D. key tag to be observed by the front desk attendant upon entering the pool facilities.

(C) Each Owner/Member is required to report promptly to the Membership Chairperson, in writing, any changes to the family membership information, i.e., additions to the family, phone number changes, address changes, name changes, etc.

(D) Members age 9 and under may not use the pool facilities unless accompanied by and under the direct supervision of a member age 13 or over.  Any exceptions must be approved in advance by the B.O.D.

(E) Each member shall notify the pool manager of their lost I.D. key tag.  A “Lost I.D. Key Tag Form” shall be filled out and signed by the member.  This form shall be placed in the card file.  A fee of $5.00 will be charged and can be paid via cash or check. A replacement I.D. key tag will be provided.

3. Guest Fees and Restrictions

(A) Each full membership will be provided with two free guest passes, Senior Memberships will receive one free guest pass, additional guest passes are $5.00 per person daily. Children under 2 are free.

Note: Guest fees are subject to change without notice.

(B) Guests may not use the pool facilities unless accompanied by a member.  Guests age 9 and under must be accompanied by a member age 13 or over. After a guest scans a member’s guest tag upon entry, the guest’s name, address, and phone number are to be recorded by the front desk staff in the notes section of the electronic entry system. Additional guests not using tags should have their identifying information also recorded in the entry system by front desk staff.

(C) The number of guests during a single day is limited to 5 per family unit. (D) Guests are subject to pool rules and regulations.

(E) Guest policy limits members under the age of 16 years old to two guests per day.

4. Other Admission Restrictions

(A) Any person with a skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, communicable disease, or who is wearing any kind of bandage or band aid will not be permitted in the pool. (Band aids received by pool staff must be removed before reentering the pool.) Persons having any considerable area of sub-skin tissues, open blisters, cuts, etc., are warned that these are likely to become infected, and such persons may not use the pool. Any adult or child who is experiencing even a mild case of diarrhea may not use the pool.

(B) Admission to the pool facilities shall be refused to any person in an inebriated state or condition.

(C) Prior to entering the pool complex, any patron having a special disability that could affect their safety in the pool must inform the pool manager of his/her physical condition.

5. Swimming Regulations

(A) All bathers must take a shower, using soap, before entering the pool (a requirement of the County Board of Health). Showers should not last more than 3 to 4 minutes. Showers must be turned off when finished showering. Children may not take prolonged showers during the rest period/adult swim. Sun bathers should shower before each entrance into the water in order to rinse off perspiration, lotions, etc.

(B) Use of the wading pools is restricted to children 6 and under. A member or member’s guest age 13 or over must remain with children brought into the wading pool area. The wading pool is not guarded by the pool safety staff. Supervision of children is the responsibility of the parent or guardian bringing them into the pool enclosure.

(C) Children who are not toilet trained are not permitted into the wading pool or the main pool without proper attire, i.e., tight-fitting rubber pants or plastic pants and a form-fitting bathing suit.

(D) Any members or guests in the deeper areas of the pool giving the lifeguard reason to believe that they do not know how to swim may be asked to remove themselves from that area of the pool so as not to be a risk to themselves or others.

(E) All persons age 15 and under will be required to leave the main pool for a 15-minute break at the 45-minute mark of each hour. This requirement may be waived the pool manager. Children over 6 are not permitted in the wading pool during the 15-minute “break”.

(F) Unsanitary acts such as spitting, urinating, and blowing nose are prohibited in the pool.

(G) Floats, tubes, inflated devices, etc., are not permitted in the main pool; exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the BOD. No metal toys or objects are allowed in either pool. Only toys designed for aquatic use can be utilized in the pool; except toys that shoot water are prohibited. Lifeguards reserve the right to restrict the use of any toy for safety concerns.

(H) Children may wear life jackets and/or a flotation device provided the child is supervised by a parent or guardian. Snorkels, flippers, masks, etc. can be used only at the discretion of the pool manager.

(I) Inappropriate swim attire/street clothes are not permitted in either pool, i.e., denim shorts and cutoffs.

(J) Head first dives from the side of the pool into shallow water (under 5 feet) are prohibited during general recreational swim periods.  Exceptions may be permitted in supervised, competitive, and instructional programs under controlled conditions.

(K) Periodically, lanes will be roped off for those persons wishing to swim lengths undisturbed.  Persons not swimming lengths should remain in other pool areas. For effective use, swimmers should swim counter-clockwise near the lane markers and pass to the left of slower swimmers.

(L) Swimmers may be required to take a swimming test. This will consist of a 25 meter swim and treading water for one (1) minute.

6. Diving Well Regulations

(A) No patron is permitted to use the diving board or slide unless they can swim easily and safely to the ladder.  Children with questionable skill may not use the diving board or slide unless they have passed a swim test.

(B) If there is no one using the diving board or slide, the well may be closed for the use of patrons who wish to swim in that area.  This will be at the discretion of the pool manager or the lifeguard on duty.

(C) Only 1 person at a time is permitted on the diving board and slide, including the ladder.

(D) A person shall not dive or jump until the previous person has cleared the well area.

(E) Diving or jumping is not permitted from the sides of the boards.  All dives or jumps must be straight forward.

(F) Only one (1) bounce on the board is permitted.

(G) Dives or jumps which would project the person into the shallow portion of the diving well are strictly prohibited.

(H) Exits from the well must be made from the ladder closest to the board or slide used.

(I) Entry into the diving area shall be from the board or slide only, unless authorized by the pool manager or the lifeguard on duty.

(J) Retrieving objects from the diving well is not permitted unless authorized by the pool manager or the lifeguard on duty.

7. Other Operational Rules

(A) Members and guests must drive carefully and slowly (no more than 10 miles per hour) on the driveways and parking areas of the Club. Vehicles shall park in designated areas only.  Bicycles shall be placed in the bicycle racks, and if they are filled, in close proximity of the racks.  Bicycles shall not, under any circumstances, be placed or laid on the walkways of the pool facilities.

(B) No pets of any kind are permitted within the pool facilities.  Pets running loose within the pool facilities must be taken home, or the Animal Control Section of Montgomery County will be contacted to have the animal removed.

(C) All persons using the pool facilities must conduct themselves in a courteous and safe manner.  Running, pushing, shoving, rough play and profane or abusive language are strictly prohibited.  Improper conduct causing undue disturbances in or about the pool area or any acts which would endanger any party are prohibited.

(D) Loitering is not permitted in the vicinity of the front walk, lobby, office and pool bathhouses. The filter room and storage room are prohibited to all except for employees and B.O.D.

(E) Socializing with or by the lifeguards on duty is strictly prohibited.

(F) The speaker system shall be used only during special events (i.e. swim meets, special membership meetings held at the pool) or emergencies, at the discretion of the B.O.D.

(G) Members or guests with radios or stereo systems must keep the volume at a level which is not overbearing to others.

(H) No glass containers of any type are permitted within the pool facility, except for the professional maintenance of the pool or when specifically authorized by the B.O.D.

(I) Food and beverages are permitted. Trash/containers must be discarded in the proper receptacles. No chewing gum is permitted in the pool.

(J) Adults over the age of 21, who wish to consume a beverage on the premises containing alcohol, may do so provided they consume it from an opaque plastic cup or “water” bottle.  Members who rent the pavilion for parties are not authorized to serve beverages containing alcohol to their party guests.

(K) Smoking (tobacco or electronic) is not permitted anywhere in the facilities, buildings, grounds or parking lots.

(L) Chairs, playpens, lounges, etc. are not permitted on the main pool deck.  Wearing shoes is not permitted on the pool decks, except behind the drains.  Exceptions are permitted for special occasions such as parties, swim meets, etc.

(M) Sitting on tables or on the headrest portion of the lounges is prohibited.  Pool property shall be used for its intended purpose only.

(N) Members and guests use the pool at their own risk. The Club shall not be held responsible for any personal injury, loss, theft or damage of personal property.

(O) The Owner/Member of this club is legally responsible for damage to Club property by any family member or their guest(s).

Personal injuries and damage to the pool property must be reported immediately to the pool manager who shall take the necessary action and record the information in the Daily Log. Complaints, grievances, and rule violations should first be brought to the attention of the pool manager. Any matter not satisfactorily resolved by the manager may be brought to the attention of the B.O.D. in writing and signed by the Owner-member.

(P) In order to facilitate and maintain a strict accounting of monies accrued by this Club, monetary transactions of any type shall be by members’ check, or credit card, only. Each transaction made directly at the pool will require a receipt, with the exception of the sale of ice cream or other food bought at concessions. Checks shall be made payable to O.M.S.C., Inc.

(Q) Personal grills and open fires are not permitted on pool property unless authorized by the B.O.D.